Social concerns

The area suffers from multidimensional poverty. Residents lack access to elements needed for wellbeing, including basic services, water supply, sewage, drainage, education, health, nutrition and economic resources. Poverty rates are extreme and high. Households cannot afford essentials such as clothing, food and shelter, which in turn inhibit residents from participating in public life, politics and higher level education.

According to the United Nations Development Programme, the district of Ocongate, Cusco, in 2003 ranked 1767 of 1828 Peruvian municipalities in poverty rates. In 2005, Ocongate dropped to 1794 of 1831 municipalities, which means the Ocongate district isn’t recovering as well as other areas such as Marcapata, Ccatcca, Ccarhuayo and Cusipata. The area suffers from a high percentage of illiteracy, a high rate of child malnutrition, lack of basic services, high rates of disease and low income.


In 2011, Kuychi Runa facilitated a baseline study on nutrition with support from the UNIFE University in Peru, Faculty of Nutrition. Results showed:


  • 36 percent in infants 0-3 years old
  • 25 percent in children 3-5 years old
  • 37 percent in children 6-17 years old


  • 90 percent in infants 0-3 years old
  • 81.80 percent in children 3-5 years old
  • 52.60 percent in children 6-11 years old
  • 45.40 percent in children 12-16 years old
  • 56 percent in mothers

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