Kuychi Runa regards tourism as a spiritual, life changing experience and would like to provide visitors the opportunity to enjoy a magical, environment at the foot of the Ausangate Mountain where silence and wind provide the only necessary sounds to make an inner trip.

Kuychi Runa children in front of Apu Ausangate

While doing so, visitors can enjoy the local specialities (such as quinoua, trout and freshly harvested potatoes and corn), enjoy ceremonies and rituals based on love for Mother Earth and nature, thus providing local partners with an income which makes a valuable difference in their lives.

A view of the Ausangate Mountain from Cconamuru

Lectures and workshops on Andean spirituality and healing, as well as on creativity, drawing and art activities, yoga, meditation, nutrition classes and on many other subjects will be hosted at the Kuychi Runa Centre in Ccoñamuru, to welcome groups with specific interests from abroad.

The Kuychi Runa Centre is being built with the following Tourist and Educational purposes:

  1.  To provide accommodation for volunteers who contribute to the Kuychi Runa projects and programs.
  2. To host workshops held by the founders of Kuychi Runa on creativity and art, andean and reiki healing, yoga, nutrition and meditation.
  3. To host workshops on other subjects held by volunteers and friends on different subjects for the children or specific groups.
  4. To host tourists and visitors who want to enjoy the magnificent scenery for writing, drawing, meditating and similar activities in privacy and silence.
  5. To host tourists who like exploring and adventure by walking, trecking, climbing the Ausangate mountain or fishing in nearby lakes.

The Cconamuru community will benefit from providing meals and services to visitors while income from activities held by Founders will go to Kuychi Runa funds.

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