Kuychi Runa Community Center

Kuychi Runa Community Center

COMMUNITY LIBRARY:  Kuychi Runa  community library is under construction and it seeks to complement the literacy requirements of school children by providing valuable and updated literature and general knowledge books which may unveil new worlds and visions to the students, which otherwise would remain undisclosed for them.   These gateways to new worlds are intended for the community children to pursue dreams  that may drive them to seek further education and well being  for their future.  Furthermore, the library will host important books on history and traditions, and seeks to provide an important source for old and new findings on the vast and incredible history of the Andean Civilization, as was once described by the Ccoñamuru people to Dr. Juan Loza Bonifaz which he registered in his book “History of the Inca Empire in Peru and Brazil” (“La Historia de Imperio Incaico en Perú y en Brasil”).   Kuychi  Runa´s  desire is that this history will be constantly nourished by legends, myths, stories and oral tales told for centuries in the area. nFinally, the library will serve as a Community Museum where people of the area may share important pieces of art, ceramics, drawings, paintings, etc., the museum will provide proper display and  care for these valuable relics.  In other words, aside from serving for supporting education in the area, the library will be aimed at providing a space where history is continued to be written and told for the benefit of future generations.

Kuychi Runa  Community Library will be available for the Children of Ccoñamuru and adjacent villages, to host film, photos, recordings of traditional songs, dances, ceremonies and rituals. The library will be implemented with computers, books, and a place for the children to study and do research.
ART CENTER:  The Centre is building a very special ART STUDIO with adequate luminosity, furniture and tools for the community children to benefit from  Emily´s professional drawing and painting.   Art classes will be carried out to enhance the Ccoñamuru´s inherited art legacy and perhaps discover hidden talents and potential in the children of the area.  Art to communicate life and spirituality,  dreams and visions, hopes and experiences; art to grow in harmony and develop sensibility or simply as a means to create a better world. Children will be able to sit regularly at their stools, have canvasses, colors or watercolors, hopefully even acrylic to manifest their inner worlds after learning the basic techniques which Emily has taught in Canadian schools and museums.
The spacious and beautiful workshop is being built to accommodate a large number of persons seated on chairs, cushions, mats according to the activities being carried out.  Tables will also be available for educational activities with the community, where they can listen to conferences, participate in joint actions and hold important meetings to discuss relevant issues for women, men and children.
Kuychi Runa´s priorities are education and health programs but only when proper accommodation is ready can such programs be carried out successfully.

An area of the workshop is being reserved for spiritual, non denominational personal and group meditation, where attendants will experience tranquility for inner retirement.  Kuychi Runa believes in spiritual evolution and seeks to provide adequate space for personal and group spiritual activities. Invited teachers are welcome to share their techniques while Dolly will share yoga and native ancient healing techniques with children, families and visitors to the Center.

Outdoor workshop where the future library will be built

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