The Kuychi Runa Association extends a warm embrace to acknowledge the generous support of partners and sponsors. With these monetary and in-kind contributions, Kuychi Runa has been able to achieve great strides in ensuring the people of the rainbow have everything they need to carry on their colorful traditions for years to come.

— Keepers of the Mountain Sponsors —
Contributions of $25,000 and above
Samuel Luks
Nahuel Foundation
TDP Corp Peru

— Keepers of the Rainbow Sponsors —
Contributions of $500 to $25,000
Albert & Emanuela Beraldo
Creavest AG Zurich
Michele Firon
Thor & Lillian Johannsen
Cilia Levy
Joel Luks & Glenn Dubin
Marney Opolsky

— Keepers of the River Sponsors —
(Contributions of $1 to $500)
Stephen & Karen Bercuson, Clemencia Blondet, Karla Burga, Sussy Cahuana, Naimeh Casas, Freddy Chipana, Claudia Chipoco, Michael & Betty Clarfield, Carolina Conde, Brenda Cortez, Lourdes Cotrina, Willy Cotrina, FEP International Traders, Alejandro Garcia, Marco Grieve, Alejandra Ho, Maria Luisa Hurtado, Coqui Jacobs, Carmen Kisic, Hannah Levitt, Angélica López, Ursula Leguía, Milagros Neira, Ytala Oliva, Luis Miguel Perea, Luis Rivasplata, Margot Steixner, Liz Tudor, Michael Tweddle and Silvia Vidal

— Kuychi Runa Special Project Consultants —
Susan Zimic Weis de Bortesi, Textile Expert
Oscar Liendo, Nutrition Expert
Carmen Arellano, National Museum of Archaeology of Peru Former Director
Rosa Mujica Barreda, Ministry of Peruvian Education, Director of Rural Education
Josefina Granados and Judith Soto Suarez, Nutrition Experts, Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón

In addition, Kuychi Runa would like to acknowledge the contributions of dedicated volunteers whose time and energy are invaluable to the advancement of the organization’s mission.

— Kuychi Runa Volunteers —
Maria Cristina Arismendy, Enrique Cappelletti, Claudia Chipoco, Nicole Clarfield, Shelli Costa, Lourdes Cotrina, Myrtha Delgado, Renate Ehmer, Dr. Isabel Hernández, Sharon Kaspi, Fernando Kinjo, Doris Klubishko, Sergio Lizárraga, Angélica López, Ruth Luks, Samek Luks, Luisa Panizo, Emilio Perez de Armas, Marco Loayza Ramos, Cesar Rivero, Michael Jeanne Schmerler, Praxiteles Sulopulos, Silvia Vidal, Pilar Walker, Gregory & Sylvia Winokur and Pablo Yañez

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