A roof above our heads


Construction keeps on going strong thanks to donations from our generous friends. The Kuychi Runa Community Center has moved from dream to reality with the completion of the interior walls and ceiling.


The next step is to level the ground before being able to install flooring.


Women helping women

Emily Luks, Lia Lerner, Charo Delgado, Riva Samesas, Rosario Ibañez, Doris Alvarez

Birthdays make one think. For some, it’s a time to celebrate another year, for others it’s an opportunity to give thanks for the gift of life, family, friends and loved ones.

Such was the spirit of an intimate cocktail gathering catered by Salon Majestic that benefited Kuychi Runa. As founder Emily Luks, public relations director Pilar Weisselberg, TDP Corp. general manager Silva Vidal and Clemen Blondet (Emily’s sister) celebrated their own anniversary milestones, the quartet came together to chair an event with the idea of women helping women.

More than 70 gals toasted to each other while learning about the association’s programs and services in a private penthouse in San Isidro in Lima, Peru. In lieu of presents, the organizers requested donations for the nonprofit. Upward of $5,000 was raised for Kuychi Runa, an amount that exceeded expectations.

Donations to Kuychi Runa can be made here.

Creativity in education


Augusto Casafranca, who’s an actor with the Yuyachkani Theater Group in Peru, brought happiness to the children and young students of Ccoñamuru by sharing an educational workshop on games and theater.


Augusto Casafranca, un actor del Grupo Yuyachkani en Perú, llevó alegría a los niños y jóvenes de Ccoñamuru realizando un taller de juego y teatro para ellos.


Art for a good cause

Emily Luks

Art for a good cause? That’s our kind of creativity.

Kuychi Runa president Emily Luks has been invited by Arte Pelo Mundo, a Portuguese nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting and promoting artists from around the globe, to be a part of a group exhibition. The exhibition, titled “Reading the Stars,” will take place in the Palacio de Egito in Lisbon, Portugal, in September.

Kuychi Runa sends a  big thank you to Ines Correia and Flavio Caporali for this wonderful opportunity. Ten percent of the profits from the sales of the artwork will be donated to Kuychi Runa to better help the children of Ccoñamuru in Cusco.

Artist Flavio Caporali. Photo courtesy of Arte Pelo Mundo/Facebook.

Artist Flavio Caporali. Photo courtesy of Arte Pelo Mundo/Facebook.

Our team grows

Pilar Weisselberg

The Kuychi Runa team welcomes Pilar Weisselberg as Director of Public Relations. She was born in Peru and emigrated to Canada with her family 25 years ago. Her expertise surpasses any expectations when it comes to tourism. She works as a manager for the largest wholesaler for travel to Latin America. Pilar took the company to levels that exceed in personalized  itineraries. Her expertise is also in Europe and the Middle East. She has volunteer in many projects and has contagious positive disposition that will help Kuychi Runa in its development efforts.

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